Mechanical translation by and translators of the Czech original of the Philosophy of Balance, revised and corrected by Mgr. Marie Pinkavová and

JUDr. Dalibor Grůza Ph.D.



JUDr. Dalibor Grůza Ph.D.



„All living creatures in fact mostly want to live in a world, where everyone likes each other,

therefore everyone is still obliged to cause the least possible death and pain."


All the rest consists more in views (speculations).


(I.e. the maximum compliance of good and evil individuals, virtually good and evil)


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JUDr. Dalibor Grůza Ph.D.

















































All contemporary religions operate like an opium (as Karl Marx already pointed out), then as a drug, which facilitates human being in a world, where is so much death and pain, promising a reward of the perfect life of their adherents in the invisible world and many religions remove from them the bad conscience from killing of living creatures. Here, I mean Hindu, which promises salvation from suffering in this world-moksha through their fusion with the divine essence, Brahman, Buddhism, which promises emptiness-nirvana after death, Judaism and Christianity, which promise heaven with God, virtually Jesus of Nazareth maybe the Christ as the king after the death of a man.

These religions cure, improve with this drug the world by pointing to the man’s responsibility for his or her life after death, when using the so-called subconscious oceanic feeling in the psyche of every man and in my opinion, as well as of other living beings for life in a world, where everyone likes each other. Many of these religions are also a danger of fanaticism, because that drug relieves humans of their evil conscience from killing of living creatures through various rituals.

Philosophy of Balance is not such a drug, because it promises a reward for its implementation already in this visible world (not only after death), in the form of a life of individual, who everyone loves and who loves everybody (it is concerned the realization of the oceanic feeling of a man in this world, a reward of happy life in this world promised by an earlier form of Judaism as well, but that in the history the Holocaust of orthodox Jews refuted definitively, the reason for this tragedy according to my Philosophy of Balance was that Judaism functioned in the past, such as that drug, because it silenced the remorse of bad conscience from killing of especially other living creatures than humans). Philosophy of the Balance is not the drug, because it promises an early change in our world (not only after death). In a world, where everybody likes each other, where all the living creatures would be friends for life and death, through the proposed text of the slaughter tax (similarly early arrival of salvation of our world was promised by early Christianity through the second coming of Jesus of Nazareth, Christ maybe, when this coming did not take place, they resigned early redemption of our world and Christian teaching was changed on that drug, promising a reward to his followers after their death).

Given the above, the Philosophy of Balance is not one of many other religions, but a rational attempt to change our world already in this life, of which success or failure, both in its use in the personal life of individuals as in the case of using the proposed text of the slaughter tax for the whole society, allow its verification (in terms of falsification of scientific theories defined by philosopher Karl Popper), then its confirmation or refutation through a scientific experiment.




The answer can be found in my Philosophy of Balance. The animals themselves have no power to enforce the slaughter tax, or to vote for it, nor, that they can fight for it with weapons in hand, so present politicians have no interest to enforce it, because it would not bring them any more popularity with their target voters groups. This is similar to the protection of unborn human embryos under the Catholic Church vain to prohibit abortions, human embryos also cannot make war or vote. Therefore, for now the enforcement of the slaughter tax is in a still relatively favorable political and economic situation virtually impossible.

The only regime that succeeded in enforcing extensive animal protection in Europe was Hitler's Nazi regime in Germany. Roughly, therefore, it would be said that it was necessary to kill people for the enforcement of extensive animal protection, the result of this attempt ended also in a total failure.

According to the Philosophy of Balance deepening of the current economic and political crisis in the Western world will continue, at the end of this crisis here will be once again the general misery, ruins of economies, the establishment of dictatorships and war in the Western world will be as under fascism in the last century. According to the Philosophy of Balance the reason for this crisis is evolutionary imperfection, virtually. immorality in the Western world that blatantly lives on debt, in other words they misspend goods belonging to someone else to rob the state, tunneling by the rich, the poor in unearned social benefits, the cause of immorality, virtually evolutionary imperfection of Westerners is then according to my Philosophy of Balance hatred and revenge of to death tortured living creatures by our civilization, especially livestock in industrial factory farms, virtually hatred and revenge of living microorganisms of these to death tortured living creatures and their relatives living microorganisms.

Therefore, one might say according to the Philosophy of Balance in terms of livestock and other animals and the future enactment of the slaughter tax, the worse will be the global crisis, the better, either from which people will learn and they will enact timely the slaughter tax and thus stop rising above revenge of our civilization to death tortured living creatures, especially animals, or they will not learn from it, and then either our civilization stop to exist, such as nuclear war, or the slaughter tax will be enforced at the cost of blood of many people through the victory of a dictator, Nazism was traditionally protecting animals, so for example the new Nazi dictator.


Note: The Philosophy of Balance contained in this book was formed roughly from 1999 to 2012 (gradually from the earliest text: Book I.: 3rd Part Philosophy of Balance, Episode 2nd Part Discussions about the Philosophy of Balance, 1st Part Scientific Theory of the Paradise on Earth and Summary: Scientific theory of Paradise on Earth, Foreword, Appendices-Rational Mystique, Petition for the adoption of the following draft of law on the slaughter tax, Book II.: 1st Part Apology of the Devil as death and evil, 2nd Part Behavior according to Philosophy of Balance, 3rd Part Nature science proof of merciful individuals success and SCREENPLAY: The Philosophy of Balance and the slaughter tax. Is nature’s evolution merciful?), so, even though I permanently corrected the previous sections of the text with respect to the latest opinions, it is required the time and systematic interpretation of the whole text.

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